eMAG Marketplace integration


  • CSV format product import
  • personalised product description for each category in Marketplace
  • sending new products in Marketplace
  • taking and listing orders + modifying the status of the orders
  • products updates (stock and price)
  • monitor API calls
  • activity reports CSV files import
  • listing of products sent in Marketplace
  • orders sync
  • notifications of new orders

What we offer?

  • web-based application
  • setup application on the customer’s server
  • initial configuration
  • support during the integration process (including the relationship with the eMAG team)
  • remote training for using the solution
  • additional development (reports, integration with external systems etc)
  • support and post-launch consultancy
  • hosting of the solution

Why should I buy it?

  • The costs are lower if we compare it to developing a custom solution
  • The time to implement is smaller that in the case of a solution built from scratch
  • It’s a web-based solution, so it is available in any location – you just need an internet connection
  • It supports different types of dadabases: MySQL, Postgres, SQLite and SQL Server
  • It is built based on one of the most popular PHP frameworks nowadays: Laravel
  • The solution is very well tested
  • Flexible architecture which allows the creation of other export and integration modules

Why should you sell through eMAG Marketplace?

  • eMAG is at this very moment probably the strongest online sales channel in Romania
  • You can easily open a new sales channel
  • You grow your business and sales by reaching many more clients
  • Administrating this sales channel is very easy as everything is automatic
  • The sales costs are lower

What projects we have integrated so far:

Autosoft Integration Wheels Service - eMAG Marketplace

API Integration for Optiplaza - eMAG Marketplace

Smart Protection WooCommerce integration with eMAG Marketplace

Baterie Shop - Integration with eMAG Marketplace