Custom development: why?

Custom web development represents the developing of web applications that have the primary role of answering specific needs. Such applications are developed to address their needs precisely as opposed to the more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf platforms. Such applications are typically created just for that specific entity by a third-party by contract or in-house group of developers and are not packaged for reselling.

When choosing to custom develop a project, we do it because the existing platforms don’t offer us all the features needed for our business model. We do it because we want to have a long term flexibility to evolve over time and we don’t want to worry about ongoing updates and service fees. Yes, initially it might be cheaper to choose an off-the-shelf solution, it can be easier to implement and also might take less time, but if you think about your business on the long run (and you should!), there are more important aspects to consider.

So why should you consider choosing custom development for your business?

Competitive advantage:

When you design the technology that is perfectly suited for your own business needs, you can have a competitive advantage towards your competitors. If you rely on the same off the shelf solutions as everybody else, it is difficult to stand out of the crowd. Also, the demand for technical adaption is only growing and, in order to remain competitive the business growth through technical innovation is a must.

You’re interested in future expansion:

As your business grows, so do the requirements and, as you definitely plan to grow your business, a custom web platform leads to this as it is suitable for your business and your business alone, it is focusing on scaling and it is streamlineing the growth process. A custom platform is maintained as long as you need it to be and you are not limited by the development and updates of the off-the-shelf solutions.

Increased productivity and efficiency:

A custom solution is perfectly aligned with your business needs. You will not waste resources and change internal procedures in order to adapt to a (maybe) rigid solution. Also, you can easily integrate the software that you already use, making sure everything is perfectly compatible in the first place. You don’t need to change software or hardware in order to make sure that your new platform is functional. When you integrate your platform with all the systems that you use, the efficiency is at its peak, as you will have all your data well organized in just one place.

Cost effective:

Building a custom solution can seem costly at the beginning, but looking in the long run, the reality is different. A custom built software doesn’t require constant change and development to suit the company requirements.  It can also help you save on software and hardware aquisitions as you will integrate it with the systems that you already use. When you own the product, all ongoing costs related with SaaS or licensed products disappear.


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